Best holiday ever
programmatic toolkit

It’s beginning to look a lot like holiday shopping time! We’re giving marketers an early gift with our best holiday ever toolkit.

Because when it comes to holiday media planning, you shouldn’t have to choose between the best retail data or the best shopper insights.

Our agnostic approach gives you BOTH, along with the best creative to ignite the holiday shopping spirit in your customers.

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The best stores

Which stores should make your Nice list?

During the holidays, it pays to know which stores are selling your product and how fast they can restock the shelves.

We’ve got you covered.

Using store-level data, we can create custom segments and activation strategies based on a store’s rate of sale and inventory. But we don’t just set it and forget it. We optimize continuously throughout your campaign so you can spend your ad dollars wisely.

Finally, we can show how your online media drove offline purchases through offline sales lift, allowing you to better invest in your best stores.

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Store locator

Drive more customers to your stores this holiday season by dynamically showcasing location details such as directions, location hours, and phone numbers.

The best shoppers

Who are your holiday shopping heroes?

Show your best customers some love with targeted ads meant just for them. Using your first party data, we identify and target your high-value shoppers who are most likely to make a purchase.

But then . . . we give you a little something extra.

By analyzing your first party data together with data from our partners and retail media networks, we scale your high-value shopper strategies and identify an expanded list of consumers who are high-value only during this peak shopping season.

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Multi product

Fill shoppers wish lists (and shopping carts) through creative featuring multiple products they have viewed on your website.

The best creative

Giving you (and your shoppers)
the gift of great creative

From boosting your best seasonal social content to transforming holiday movie binge-watching into shoppable opportunities, MiQ’s creative solutions combine intelligence and creativity and are available throughout our advanced media offerings – so your creative execution and digital strategy are always connected.

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Social Boost

Boost social posts across the web programmatically

Make your shoppers merry (and influence their purchasing decisions) by delivering your holiday social creative across trusted publisher

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Shoppable Media

Invite shoppers to buy when they are most engaged

The battle to make it on the holiday shopping list is fierce! Up your game with media featuring product galleries, add-to-cart functionality, and retargeted ads featuring last product viewed or abandoned cart items.

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Interactive CTV

Turn passive viewing into an interactive shoppable experience

Bring two traditions together – watching holiday TV and shopping! Interactive ads and QR code activations allow your viewers to engage and shop while watching their favorite seasonal movies and shows.

Your best holiday ever, all from the best programmatic media partner.

Contact us today to see how our team of expert data scientists, traders, and creatives can add a little MiQ magic to your holiday campaigns.