President’s Club @ MiQ: Kate Thomas 2023

President’s Club is the pioneer employee recognition program for sales superstars in the MiQ Canadian market. We are excited to recognize and celebrate those who have gone above and beyond to achieve great results.


The programmatic landscape in Canada is truly unique. What led to your career in sales and choosing MiQ Canada?

I never planned on getting into sales, it just seemed like the natural next step after starting my career client side and then moving to a role as the digital lead at an agency.  I needed sales to complete the set!

As for why I chose MiQ, I knew I didn’t want to sell just anything, I wanted to work with a good brand with amazing services and I was already working with MiQ a lot at the agency so I knew they were legit.  I was also really sold on the idea of working with companies to go beyond media KPIs and solve actual business challenges.  That was my favourite part of my role at the agency – having conversations with CMOs and ecomm teams about their actual challenges and then working with them to figure out how the media campaign could help.  I was excited about spending more of my time having those conversations and less of my time on timesheets.

You are being recognized for outstanding sales achievements in 2023, what key moments were defining points of success for you?

Business development has been a big focus for me this year and making a concerted effort and attention to look for opportunities outside of the core Vancouver media business. The Calgary market was a big contributor to the key to my success this year –the effort and focus resulted in a massive growth year – up over 250% YOY.

Another one would be the year we’ve had with a great client direct relationship. This has been their biggest year ever in terms of volume and as their sole programmatic partner it meant it was our biggest year ever too. That translated into over 4,000 campaigns. Our team is incredible and handled the volume like pros, servicing their team so well that the partnership is stronger than ever heading into 2024.

Sales in tech has undergone several major shifts in recent years, what are some major challenges you’ve had to overcome?

I think the biggest challenge has been trying to help our clients stay educated and up to date on industry trends and changes without coming off like we’re telling them what to do.  Riding that fine line of being a partner who’s interested in helping their team grow, rather than a vendor telling them what’s what and why they should buy from MiQ.

What is your philosophy toward achieving your goals?

Huh I don’t really have a philosophy around goals, I just kind of set my mind to something and go for it.

When it comes to work goals I start with the end goal but then create really specific building blocks to get there.  That way by checking off each building block you can ladder up and achieve that end goal in a relatively straightforward way.  Also, I think agility is key so you can jump at opportunities when they present themselves.  If you’re too rigid in your process then you risk losing out on interesting opps that might make the whole thing easier.

On a lighter note, how do you spend your time when you’re not busy breaking sales records?

I hang with my family, my husband Alex and two kids, Hazel who’s 6 and Hamish who’s almost 3.  We travel a bunch and do lots of weekends away with friends.  And I snowboard when there’s snow on the hills (not much this year so far unfortunately) and have recently found a love for golf.


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